Sunday, 26 August 2012

Chapter 2 part 3

Early on Thursday morning I got a call from “Mr. Gray’s office”. I assumed it was one of the blondes. “Mr. Gray will be in a meeting until 3pm but if that’s convenient he will wait for you in front of the dean’s office at 4pm. Ms Montgomery informed me that you can provide a photographer?” If I had stood in front of her the cool voice would have given me frost bite.
“Yes, we have someone who does the pictures for the student paper” I confirmed. I was amazed that Gray had accepted our photographer. I had expected him to bring his own and fly in a makeup crew.
“Excellent. Of course Mr. Gray will have to approve any pictures before publishing” She had already told Katie that but I assumed she wanted to make sure no information got “lost” again.
“Certainly.” Was he afraid I might pick an unflattering one on purpose, like his tabloid editors?
The blonde further instructed me not to take up too much of Mr Gray’s precious time. After I hung up I sank back into the pillows and slept for another hour. Then I got up to study some more and pick up some groceries for me and Katie. She was still contagious so she couldn’t leave the apartment. I suspected that even if the doctor had allowed her to she wouldn’t have gone out anyway. She would have been mortified if anyone saw her with the rash. Her hair clashed with the spots and made them seem even brighter.
I met Gray at 4:01 pm in front of the dean’s office. He was wearing a beautiful blue cashmere sweater and gray slacks. The sweater was the colour of his eyes and accentuated his light tan. He really knew how to dress well.
I on the other hand was wearing jeans and a simple t-shirt. I didn’t see why I should dress up for him.
“Mr. Gray, how nice to meet you again.” I treated him to a smile equally as menacing as the ones he had given me on Saturday afternoon. I looked down. Next to him sat a huge handsome dog. This time my smile was genuine.
“This must be Charles.” I reached out my hand to the Great Dane. I didn’t even have to bend over to do that, he was almost as big as a pony. Charles took a few seconds to inspect me and gave my hand a gracious lick, signalling approval.
“I thought I would bring him since you showed such an interest last time we met. Perhaps we can do that portrait of the two of us together that you suggested.” I wasn’t sure if he was being genuine or ironic, his face was completely impassive.
“I am sure we can arrange that.” I put on a poker face as well.
A few seconds later our photographer Kevin arrived, flustered and red in the face. He was in his second semester and did most of the photo work for the student newspaper. His major crush on Katie had made it easy for her to convince him to do this, even though the finals were right around the corner.
“Mr. Gray, this is Kevin, our photographer. Kevin, this is Christian Gray” I introduced the two. “Should we get started?” I smiled at Kevin encouragingly.

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