Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Chapter 2 part 1

When I opened the door to our flat Katie was waiting for me. I handed her the recorder, her car keys and her blazer and told her to listen to the tape while I took a shower and put on some comfortable clothes. When I entered our living room 30 minutes later she was still listening. “So you’re gay?” I heard myself ask in that slightly squeaky voice everyone has when they’re recorded. Katie’s eyes were wide, half in horror, half in delight. When he mentioned the rescue her face became soft. “See? He’s a pretty good guy for a millionaire” she felt the need to point out. I said nothing and went into the kitchen to make myself and Katie some tea and find the take out menus. My day was back on track and I wouldn’t let Gray ruin the rest of it. In the meantime Katie had started typing in the interview and writing the article around it. The deadline wasn’t for another week but she liked to get things done early.
“You know, you sound pretty hostile on the tape” she said later. We were sitting on the couch, eating pizza straight from the box.
“Hostile?” I tried to sound surprised.
“Yes, Anna, hostile. What did the guy do to you?” Katie’s voice was soft but disapproving. I knew she wouldn’t leave me alone until I had told her more.
“For starters, he let me wait for ages. Besides he’s a pompous arse.” I took an angry bite out of my piece of pizza.
“Because he’s rich?” Katie frowned, having her large trust fund in mind.
“No. You are filthy rich and you’re nice. He has this polished smile, he is used to letting people see exactly what he wants them to see and no more. As if an excellent actor had studied the part of successful, likeable business man and decided to play it for the rest of his life. You should have seen his assistants, they looked like Barbie. I just wanted shake him up a bit. Besides, everything I said was true” I defended myself.
“Well, I can’t really complain after making you go there. It’s going to be a good article and I will include Charles. He looks like a sweetheart.” Katie was waving the picture of a huge handsome dog Gray’s assistant had emailed her earlier.
“Unlike his owner, you mean?” I smiled and picked up the remote. It was time to forget all about Mr Gray and enjoy my evening.

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